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the walking trail and lakes of Stonemill

Enjoy the Private Park,
Lake and Walking Trails

The Stonemill Addition lies within a region of Oklahoma known as the Crosstimbers. The Crosstimbers is a diverse mix of oak woodlands with scattered patches of tallgrass prairie. The woodland component of the habitat is surprisingly diverse and contains over 15 species of trees including five types of oaks. More than 25 species of birds and other wildlife have been identified. The seven trails are whimsically named for children and showcase the rich ecological diversity of Stonemill Park

Parks, trails, lakes, playgrounds and gazebo of Stonemill



Trails at Stonemill Park

1 Little Ben's Duck Pond Trail
2 Kaity's Deep Woods Trail
3 Jordan's Secret Trail
4 Jacob and Joseph's
Hidden Creek Trail
5 Blake's Deer Meadow Trail
6 Luke's Twisty Double Trail
7 Brook's Racoon Hollow Trail
  Racoon Hollow