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David T. Yost
Award Winning
of Stonemill

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David T. Yost is a developer of high-quality neighborhoods
with 25 years experience and a special reputation for
natural resource conservation. Completed projects,
among others, are Apple Valley, the Estates of Apple
Valley and Hidden Lake. His goal for Stonemill is to
create a community of unmatched natural beauty and a
relaxed, elegant lifestyle.

David is actively involved in numerous homebuilding /
land development industry associations. He has served
as President of both the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders
Association and the Oklahoma State Homebuilders
Association, and has been named Builder / Developer of
the year by both organizations. He has recently been
elected as a lifetime member of the Board of Directors
of the National Association of Homebuilders.

Since beginning his own tree farm in 1984, David has
planted more than 185,000 trees on private and public
land throughout central Oklahoma. His commitment to
planting and protecting trees and other natural resources
has brought him unique stature as a developer.

He presently serves on the Board of Directors of the
Greater Oklahoma City Tree Bank and as an Oklahoma
City Urban Design Commissioner. He is a volunteer in other
organizations promoting the housing industry,
beautification and the conservation throughout Central
Oklahoma. David, his wife Ann and daughter live in
Oklahoma City.


1993 - David Yost was given the first Global ReLeaf Award in Oklahoma and only the third in the
nation. This is a joint program of the American Forestry Association and the National Association of
Homebuilders to recognize outstanding development projects that focused on preserving natural

1994 - He was named Conservationist of the Year by he Oklahoma Chapter of the Soil and
Water Conservation Society.

1994 - He was awarded the statewide Individual Landscaping Award by Keep Oklahoma Beautiful.

1997 - He received Oklahoma City Beautiful’s Individual Beautification Award.

1997 - He recieved the Soil Conservationist of the Year Award by the Oklahoma Wildlife

2002 - He received the Individual Beautification Award from the Oklahoma Recreation and
Parks Society for a donation of trees to several Oklahoma City Parks.

2003 - He received a similar award from the Regional Recreation and Parks Society involving
several Southwestern states.

2004 - He was given special recognition by the City of Edmond for a large donation of trees
for urban street beautification.

2005 - A Coalition of Organizations named David one of “Oklahoma’s Best” for outstanding
volunteer contributions.